Ascellon Capabilities

Targeted Capabilities – Brochures

       PDF   Ascellon Overview

       PDF   Answers Overview

       PDF   Cyber Security

       PDF   Delivering Result-Oriented Solutions

       PDF   Healthcare Solutions

       PDF   Independent Verification and Validation

       PDF   Medical Record Review and Auditing    Services

       PDF   Technology Consulting

       PDF   Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions
      3D Bullet (RED)    Software Design, Development and Implementation
      3D Bullet (RED)    Cyber Security
      3D Bullet (RED)    Internal Network Security Assessments & Remote Penetration Testing  

Program Management
      3D Bullet (RED)    Program Management Office (PMO) Development and Support
      3D Bullet (RED)    Standards-based Quality Management Systems (QMS) Development
      3D Bullet (RED)    Training and Human Capital Development
      3D Bullet (RED)    Surveys, Data Collection & Analysis
      3D Bullet (RED)    Metrics Development & Performance Monitoring
      3D Bullet (RED)    Grants Monitoring, Evaluation & Technical Assistance
      3D Bullet (RED)    Program Management & Administrative Support  

      3D Bullet (RED)    Technology Strategy and Enterprise Planning
      3D Bullet (RED)    IT Portfolio Management
      3D Bullet (RED)    Risk management
      3D Bullet (RED)    Information Technology Governance  

      3D Bullet (RED)    Compliance Monitoring, Survey and Certification
      3D Bullet (RED)    Program Integrity
      3D Bullet (RED)    Life Safety Code Consulting & Training
      3D Bullet (RED)    Health Informatics  

      3D Bullet (RED)    ANSWERS