Healthcare Performance Improvement & Quality Assurance

Since 2003, Ascellon has performed over 3,000 Federal surveys of long term care facilities and over 2,000 surveys of other residential treatment facilities.

Relevant NAICS Codes: 541611, 541618, 541690, 541720, 541990

Ascellon provides direct support to government agencies using comparative and crisis surveys of long term care facilities, hospice, community mental health centers, and psychiatric hospitals. The work we perform is essential to assessing the designated facilities’ performance and environmental safety measures.


To ensure our customers receive complete analyses, we draw on the expertise of our interdisciplinary teams (consisting of registered nurses, life safety code specialists, dieticians, pharmacists, physicians, social workers and long-term care experts) to ascertain which facilities are non-compliant with the regulations and standards that stipulate the quality of care. The teams' assessments are reviewed and compiled utilizing customized proprietary data systems, which integrates the findings from surveys for accurate and effective reporting.


Our experience with the State Operations Manual (SOM) and Federal laws and regulations associated with survey protocols has also helped us provide the utmost in customer service.  

The services we provide in this area include:

                3D Bullet (RED)    Survey and inspection services for residential, acute care and non-residential
                       health care facilities;
                3D Bullet (RED)   
Conducting Life Safety Code (LSC) inspection of residential and non-residential
                       facilities to improve safety;
                3D Bullet (RED)    
Developing and monitoring of quality of care indicators; 
                3D Bullet (RED)    
Preparing and completing surveys to meet Federal and State regulations; 
                3D Bullet (RED)    
Preparing survey reports and performing analysis of non-compliance issues; and
                3D Bullet (RED)   
Providing Quality Assurance services that include documenting quality objec