Ascellon Servicessub - FL

A Targeted Breadth of Integrated Capabilities

Ascellon specializes in using analytics, IT and program management to solve problems and make breakthroughs.

We can answer small, narrowly defined challenges — such as conducting a satisfaction survey.

Or, we can integrate our capabilities to customize a turnkey program for gathering and analyzing data, identifying and applying best practices, educating and training, managing ongoing operations, monitoring results and
supporting ongoing improvement.

Proven Expertise – Case Studies

            PDF   Data Collection and Analysis to Improve Community Services            

            PDF  Supporting the Naval Supply Information System Activity 

            PDF  Monitoring Grants Growth and Success 

            PDF  Ground Breaking Technical Assistance               

            PDF  Oversight to Ensure Patients' Rights - Psychiatric Hospital Surveys 

            PDF  Creative Approaches to Customer Satisfaction Surveys



Targeted Capabilities – Brochures


               PDF  Success in our Niche
               PDF  Delivering Result-Oriented Management and Technology Solutions

           PDF  Medical Record Review and Auditing Services